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The Psychic Couples Counselor

by Terry L. Tyson

“Terry has taken his time to script and come up with an ingenious way to perform an amazing ESP routine for stage or parlour. It has great interaction with the audience with the ability to adapt it to one’s own style whether this is serious or comedic. The cleverness in the methods will leave your audience amazed at what they’ve just seen. The pack comes with pretty much everything you need to perform this as well. In short I could see this being used with a bride and groom at a wedding showing the bond they have.” – Chris Howat


“My wife and I perform a Two-Person Telepathy act and I can see us using this immediately! You can perform this alone, or in our case, with your performing partner, as a segue to other things in an act. It’s a great routine.” – Tabraze Sheikh, “The Modern Mind Readers”



Connections 1 – The Psychic Couples Counselor, is a four-phase ESP symbol card routine that is designed for parlor or stage. The performer, with the help of a couple from the audience, guides them through a series of entertaining demonstrations of their mental connection – or lack thereof! The mentalist comes to their rescue to enhance their abilities to connect even stronger. There are many moments of built in humor and mystery as the routine concludes.


This commercial routine is perfect for parties, weddings, single mixers, or other social events where couples of all ages attend and want to have fun! Though it is fully scripted, your style can easily be incorporated to make it your own. Audience tested, it can play for a solid 10-15 minutes. Even if you’re not a comedy mentalist the routine generates many laughs from the interaction between the couple selected to participate.


This highly entertaining routine utilizes props that you likely already have in your drawer but comes complete with artwork so you can print your own stage-size props. Though you’ve heard this phrase before, it definitely “packs small – plays big.”


This is the first in a series of releases that focus on the theme of connections we all share with one another.


Over 3,700 Words – Includes Artwork To Make Your Own Props


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