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Dynamic Minds


We are a family of mystery artists passionate about our craft. Our goal at Dynamic Minds is to build a community of people who share that same passion and enthusiasm.

We believe our secrets shouldn't be available to just anybody with a credit card number and we want to protect your ethical purchases and the creators hard work from pirate sites by making our products only available through Dynamic Minds.

When you buy from us our journey together begins. You will have access to our Inner Circle group (think of it as a friendly, warm place to hang out and discuss our art) and will be given future updates and contributions on your purchase. 

At Dynamic Minds our motto is:

Always Growing. Always Sharing.

It would be an honour to have you become part of the Dynamic Minds family. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Your friends,

The Dynamic Minds 

Oh, and if you haven't done it yet check out our free ebook choc full of great stuff and nearly 15,000 words in length. Nine of the Dynamic Minds contributed to this anthology and we can't wait to release Vol. 2 in the near future. 

Click here to get your book.

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